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Q Why does my cambelt need replacement?

A The cambelt is made of rubber and wrapped around several engine components such as the valves and pistons where it controls the timing.

If the cambelt is allowed to fray, snap or simply become loose, the pistons can collide with the valves resulting in a expensive engine repair bill.

The modern garages near Huntingdon can provide a high quality cambelt change and fitting service.

Q What causes cambelt failure?

A A variety of problems with the cars engine can cause a cambelt failure such as belt tensioners failing, water pump seizing or a foreign object getting caught on the belt.

The skilled mechanics work from large garages covering Huntingdon will thoroughly inspect your vehicles engine during the cambelt service.

Cambelt Replacement Huntingdon

We offer a reliable and affordable cambelt replacement service near Huntingdon from start to finish, the professional car mechanics can help you with your cambelt change.

If your cambelt is not replaced at manufacturer specific intervals, it could break and often causes significant damage to your vehicles engine. The water pump and tensioner can also be replaced if necessary.

Arrange a cambelt check and fitting near Huntingdon

For further information about booking a cambelt replacement near Huntingdon, contact us by filling out the online form with your details, a brief note of your problem and we will contact you back shortly by phone or email during business hours.

Huntingdon Cambelt Replacement

Cambelt replacements Huntingdon are fast and professional as the experienced mechanics work from fully equipped garages covering the whole of Cambridgeshire.

The mechanics take their time with the cambelt replacement service to ensure that it is carried out to a high level of standard and will be long lasting and reliable. Whenever the mechanics offer replacement parts they always use the best parts available and provide a warranty as standard.

There are many reasons why cambelts can break or become faulty, fluids and oil from the engine can get on the cambelt and cause it to deform, this means that the teeth will not match up perfectly and can cause damage.

Seized bearings can also cause a change in the tension of the cambelt, this again can cause damage by teeth skipping the sprockets and then meaning a loss of synchronisation within the engine.

When you have a problem with the cambelt it is quite easy to identify due to the symptoms it can cause, these include noises coming from the engine, engine not starting, engine suddenly stopping and the engine turning over faster than normal.

Book your cambelt change near Huntingdon

If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above then you can contact us today to book a cambelt service near Huntingdon and Cambridgeshire or request a no obligation quote with the cambelt form.

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